Monday, 28 November 2011

Morning Sunrise

Opened my eyes and looked at the clock which reads 5:47am. Perfect, I am up with plenty of time to pick up Richard and head to the lake to capture the sunrise. 6:30 sitting out front of Richards, texting him to let him know I am out front waiting. There he is coming down the stairs gear in hand, a quick stop at Irving to grab some coffee and gas and were off.
We drive out Loch Lomond Rd until we get to the Res and pull in, there is a man sleeping in his truck dog at his side. We set up on the beach in the general direction of where the sun should be rising over the horizon....except there is just to much cloud cover. Change of venue, I got up early to capture something and that is what I am going to do. I change the setting on my camera and adjust my perspective so I can see the other side of the lake.

After a few shots we hit the road to see what else we might be able to capture. As it was quite a blah type day our spirits were low and did not find much of interest. About 30 minutes of driving I came across this field of Cows I thought might make an interesting shot.

The color version just did not look right so I applied a Sepia treatment to it to make it look more period with the barbed wire and wooden post.

So ends my first post, I know when I start looking back in a month or so I am going to wonder..."What was I thinking?" but this is my first attempt at writing in years. Stick with it and I promise it will get better!

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